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CIWF Italia Onlus è l'unica associazione italiana che lavora esclusivamente per la protezione e il benessere degli animali negli allevamenti. CIWF svolge campagne pacifiche per porre fine a tutte le pratiche crudeli dei sistemi intensivi e, al contempo, promuove pratiche di allevamento rispettose del benessere degli animali, dell'ambiente e delle persone. E’ affiliata a Compassion in World Farming.


Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) is the leading international farm animal welfare NGO, with the mission to end factory farming.

CIWF Italia Onlus is looking for a Campaigns manager (maternity cover - 9 months).

The purpose of the role is to help end factory farming, by leading, planning, communicating, coordinating and successfully implementing innovative and effective campaigns. The main aim is to influence public policy-makers on a national (but also European) basis.

Main duties

Main duties include:  

  • Contribution to strategic planning of (mainly digital, but not only) campaigns
  • Full project management responsibility for assigned campaigns
  • Writing and sending newsletters to supporters, as well as other advocacy initiatives, using CIWF’s CRM platform
  • Contributing to the recruitment of new supporters
  • Keeping the website up to date 
  • Creating and manage the editorial plans and social media profiles of the associations
  • Analyzing and report KPIs (using analytics, Facebook and Twitter insights)

The list of activities is not complete. There will be cases on which the campaigns manager will be involved in other projects.

For this reason we are looking for a flexible individual, committed team player, keen to take the challenge also in broader activities.

The campaigns manager, based in the Bologna office of CIWF, will work together with the organization’s Italian team, in close contact with CIWF’s international team.

How to apply

To apply please send your CV and a cover letter, both in English, to within the 6th of December 2019.

Applications will have to be done in English.

Start date: 7th January 2020

Person specification

Background: Degree in communications or similar topics, with at least 3 years experience in developing communications strategy and campaigns, preferably in/with NGOs and charitable organisations.

A good understanding of digital campaigning tools is essential.

The candidate must be an Italian native speaker and be fluent in English (written/spoken).

Strong interest in animal welfare and protection is essential.  


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